Object – To determine the haemoglobin content of your own blood sample.

Reference – Deshmukh P., Practicals in anatomy physiology and health education – I, Shree sai prakashan, Meerut, I edition, 2009, 27-30.

Materials required –

Chemicals – N/10 Hydrochloric acid

Glasswares & Apparatus – Haemometer, measuring cylinder, beaker, disposable needle, antiseptic liquid, cotton

Theory/Principle –

When haemoglobin reacts with N/10 hydrochloric acid, acid hematin is formed which gives dark brown color, which is further diluted with water till its color matches with the color provided in the sahli’s match box. Haemoglobin is part of RBC of blood, the red color of RBC is due to of haemoglobin. The main function of haemoglobin is transport of oxygen to all parts of the body. The deficiency of haemoglobin is called anaemia. Normal values of haemoglobin in males and females are 14-18 gm% and 12-16 gm% respectively.

Procedure –

  1. First of all, the sahli’s tube was filled with N/10 hydrochloric acid upto 2 mark.
  2. Finger tip was cleaned with cotton which is soaked with antiseptic liquid.
  3. Now the finger tip was pricked with disposable needle.
  4. Blood started coming out of the finger. 20 µl blood was collected in the sahli’s pipette.
  5. The collected blood was then transferred to sahli’s tube immediately which already contains N/10 hydrochloric acid.
  6. It was shaked well for proper mixing for atleast 5 minutes.
  7. Now the tube was inserted in sahli’s match box and water was added drop by drop to the tube till the colour of the contents of the tube matches with the colour provided in the sahli’s match box.
  8. After matching the color, adding water to tube was stopped and reading was taken.

Result – The haemoglobin content of my own blood sample was …………………. gm%.

Precautions –

  1. Precautions were taken so that no air bubble was enter to the pipette while taking 20 µl blood.
  2. Transferring of blood from pipette to the tube was done immediately because clotting of blood blocks the pipette and its very difficult to clean.

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